Reunion 2021 – new date!

Having chatted to a few members, I think its prudent to move our planned reunion (May 21, 2021) to 11 September 2021. The reasons are countless, but importantly is the volatility of air travel and other associated items- it may be all well and good to travel in Mid May 2021, but by the 21st, countries outside of RSA could have imposed a travel ban from RSA to a specific country due to a spike here and the high risks associated with International travel.

I cannot see a huge improvement between now and January, normally a good month to buy tickets ahead of May after the Christmas surge. Hopefully things will improve on all fronts- travel restrictions, political stability (wishful thinking on my part?) etc.

So, pencil in September 11, a day and 40 years after we shivered our nuts off in the hall writing Maths or something. JHB received 10cms of snow on the 10th FYI. Our guests from Oz, Greece, USA, Pommie etc are advised to fly in a day or two before 9/11 for obvious reasons. 

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