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of Parktown Boys
1981 Matriculants

Much the same as we all looked forward to our annual end-of-year magazine at the school, time and technology have marched on and digital formats are now the accepted norms.
A website is now widely accepted by all – some of our members dislike WhatsApp, while some others dislike Facebook for their own reasons- privacy and intrusions being the major factors.

Some school groups have opted for a magazine when celebrating their respective reunions. Hype Park High typically went to great expense and trouble to print a full colour magazine- a noble effort indeed.

However, changes can’t be made, neither can errors be fixed. Adding to that, pictures cannot be added post event.
By establishing our own website/blog, we hold a distinct advantage in overcoming most objections and shortfalls listed above.

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Postponement 40 Year Reunion

Ok, so after consultation with Messer’s Loubser and Stuart, (medical backgrounds, understanding of their respective country’s laws/protocols), its logical but sad that we’re going to

Reunion 2021 – new date!

Having chatted to a few members, I think its prudent to move our planned reunion (May 21, 2021) to 11 September 2021. The reasons are

The Sunbird

Once installed, I decided that a birdbath could be added to the water feature. Friend Brian Gulll bent some aluminium which I then covered with loose

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