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PBHS 1981

…. You’ll notice that the website is in its infancy, while similarly, the 2021 section is pretty sparse- this section will be updated as plans fall into place between now and May 15 2021.

Also apparent is the lack of editorial- we all have good memories, but members are more than welcome to jot down a few notes of their life memories, whether it be during your tenure at Wellington Road, or during your career.

Hopefully the site will grow continuously as we continue our individual pathways. And hopefully the site will for many years provide a great memoir to a wonderful upbringing at Parktown.

We’ll also be updating a brief bio on each member who wish to do so- this will no doubt prove useful in future when one is looking for a specific skill, product or service, although this is a very abstract/secondary function of the site.

In closing, you’ll notice an informal approach to captions, the choice of images etc. Its likely to remain this way- a title never made anyone rich of famous.

Please submit your profile here & feel free to add your R10 worth with suggestions and contributions


The Sherriff, aka Nick Bee

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